Raven Clan

Organization: Unlike the other mercenary companies,the Raven Clan is actually a self-contained tribal society. They typically make camp north of the city, between the river and the Snakewood. While they may lack the discipline of Lokar’s Battalion, they possess great skill at arms, and a ferocious fighting spirit. From age 5, the children are taught to fight, and every grown member of the tribe is ready for battle at a moment’s notice.

Coat of Arms: Raven on a blue field

Commander: Olen Blue Eye is the chieftain of the Raven Clan, a barbarian clan from the Spine of the World mountains. The women, children and old men of the clan were wiped out to a man in a ferocious orc raid years ago. Olen led his warriors in a retaliatory raid against the Broken Tusk clan, but they were overwhelmed by the orcs’ vast numbers and few of them returned. Disgraced and homeless, he led his remaining clan members south in exile. The Ravens have since made a name for themselves as ferocious warriors, if somewhat lacking in control compared to some of the other mercenary companies. Raven Clan and the Crimson Dawn are often at odds with each other, for while Gruntar has no ties to the Broken Tusks, he serves as a constant reminder of the Raven’s defeat at the hands of the Orcs of the north.

Strength: 15 Elite Guards 30 Male Hunters 50 Female Hunters 10 Elders 10 Children

Raven Clan

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