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Welcome to Eshpurta fair traveler, Amn’s crossroads to the East. Enter and make your fortune in the service of one of the Noble Merchant Houses, test your blade alongside one of the local Mercenary companies, or perhaps try a little petty larceny as a member of one of the city’s many sinister organizations.

This is an adventured tailored for 4 1st or 2nd level characters, but can easily be adjusted for a larger party.

Welcome to Eshpurta: The party begins as members of a trade caravan entering the city through the southwest gate. The caravan is led by Eli Thrul a half-elf merchant who hired the various party members as guards for the trip. Once into the city Eli invites the party to the Chortling Gnome tavern where he offers to buy everyone a round as he settles accounts with you all. After paying everyone Eli departs, but says that he will be in town for a week or so in case the party is interested in more work in the future. He can be found in the lumber yards of the northeastern district.

Entering the tavern: The low ceilings and dank sweat-soaked air of the Chortling Gnome tavern reminds you of every seedy dockside bar you’ve ever seen. The proprietor, a middle-aged gnome standing at the bar has been careful to provide only enough light to navigate by, so as not to show off the layers of dust and filth covering most surfaces of the bar. Ten tables are scattered about the room, and about half are populated this afternoon with a smattering of off-shift dockworkers and barge-rats. One rather homely barmaid leans lazily against a corner of the bar, ignoring the patrons until they start yelling for her. Also standing behind the bar is what appears to be a very large, dim-witted man named Judd. In the far corner of the tavern one table is packed to overflowing. An older man, his face worried by scars and wrinkles sits in negotiation with four young ruffians, while three more stand nearby for lack of seating.

The party will spend at least a few minutes in here enjoying their drinks and waiting as Eli sorts out their payment. During this time they are free to try talking with Ylsifa, the barmaid, who tries her best to ignore them, or Burgletounge Silvernose, the tavern owner. Burgletounge is pleasant enough, willing to divulge general information on the town (who the major houses are, main industry, prominent shops, random stories of local politics and the like, but won’t initially divulge anything about other inns, detailed local intrigues or the town’s criminal underworld). If asked about Jack One Toe over in the corner Burgletounge will divulge his name, but no more.

Main Page

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